Wednesday, February 16, 2011

DE 03*

Ever face the situation where you couldn't find the perfect match for your top and bottom. No matter how hard you tried, it would still seems not right ? It would just ruined your mood from going out since you couldn't get the look you claim for. Nevertheless , jumpsuit is the most efficient solution. Though it may looks casual , all you have to do is to pick the suitable design or prints to make yourself a fashionista!

MOUR 03#

Color: Available as above (worn once)
Price: RM 22
Size: Free

Saturday, February 12, 2011

DE 02*

Vest would never goes wrong whenever with plain tops.Long kept beige pants are difficult to do matching but there's always a way to make it useful and stylish.

*Tips: When dressing are dull in color, make sure the accessories such as bags , bracelet or shoes are in more striking color to outstand your entire look.

Recently, yours truly is so in love with the 60's and 70's back trend especially vintage. Though the color of dressing will look a bit dull yet addition of accessories such as bag and head band
would brought out another look of fashionista!

MOUR 02#

Color : Available as above
Price: RM 32
Size: Free

Friday, February 11, 2011

DE 01*

Front view.

Side view.

One piece dress with grey top and red based black leopard print on bottom. It goes well with a small sling bag.

*Tips: Do not wear belt on the waist when there is hair accessories . It is to avoid too many focuses on the detail and ended up look like a mess.The sling bag has to be carried on the side instead of slight over the front. If you carry the other way round , it would looks like kiddo going for an outing.

As the color theme for the pre-cny gathering is RED; one has to obey the terms and condition to be able to click with the bunch. Often ladies barely wear red cause not that everyone could carry this color out well. To avoid looking overdressed in red, find a piece which has the the particular requested color yet contrast from the bottom and below to outstand your taste of fashionista!

MOUR 01#

Color available: Red
Price: RM 35
Size: Free

Monday, January 31, 2011


The brand new blogshop DE GLAR MOUR will gonna land on town soon!
Stay tuned for more surprises coming up after Chinese New Year.